Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lakes & Lookouts

"So close but yet so far" could be another title for today's adventure! We left R's place at 8:45am and we were at the trailhead by 9:45am. It was like a hop, skip and a jump to get there. It's always nice to see other vehicles in the lot when we arrive, to clear the way. You see, the bears have not packed it in for the season yet! Once over the dam and on the other side of the lake, this is where we strolled for quite a distance before the start of the slog. This is where our journey took us and our journey was climbing up the backside which turned out being a two and a half hour slow slog. We will know better to do this hike counterclock-wise, if there is a next time for this one. The fire warden, unlike the bears, has packed it in for the season. Another adventurer told us the contract concluded the end of September. This meant we could frequent the private deck and use the outdoor facilities.
The first two hours we were secluded in the trees from the wild wind and as we approached the opening we stopped to bundle up. The wind howled and the temperature dropped. You get to know you have to come prepared for anything at anytime in this neck of the woods. Above the tree line and out in the elements, R battles the wind to make the final climb to the top.
The trail conditions were slick, I relied on my poles lots this time as my hiker grips are not the greatest. Those that had gone before us packed down the snow to make it similar to skating rink conditions. Once on top, we had a spectacular view of Barrier Lake in all its glory. When the sun shines on the water, the color always amazes me.

Not only are there plenty of mountains to see around us but also structures of all sorts. These are a few. We saw a couple more tucked in behind rocks and trees. All these were in addition to the private residence that had a deck the whole circumference of the house and even a picnic table. We looked in the front door to see all one would need to live a summer here. I wonder how all these came to be, way up here!

Off to the side was a large wooden deck all on its own. I even wonder the intentional purpose of that. Is it for us hikers? We dined on this deck because of the view of all four quadrants. For the first time this season, I brought along a thermos containing coffee made from freshly ground beans and two coffee mugs. The coffee paired nicely with the two bite brownies!

I felt like I was on top of the world, at a place where we could see forever! I felt so far removed from what was only a mere hour east of us. The only sound was the wind! You realize now why this post could also be titled "so close but yet so far"!


  1. Very cool! Pictures are stunning as usual.

  2. Excellent photographs - those views are stupendous. The elevation chart is scary, though! Looks like the snow is back... Glad to see that you will be keeping your running going through the winter months. Must be pretty tough.

  3. Amazing photos!!! But then you always have the most amazing scenic photos I have ever seen!!
    Take care

  4. Wow - what a beautiful hike! Makes me think I gotta get out and do some hiking around here before it gets too cold! Great use for the deck by the way!


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