Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kelowna Bound!

One more sleep and I'll be off to Kelowna! I head out around noon which is perfect timing because I get to sleep in and will have time to luxuriate in the morning. It's been a crazy week so I am treasuring this evening and will tomorrow morning too. My shuttle ride is booked from the airport in Kelowna and also to the airport when I leave on Monday. The first thing I will do is pick up my race pack. I wonder what the shirt looks like! I will get an idea too, how long it takes me to walk from my hotel to the start line.

Three more sleeps and I'll be running the Okanagan Half Marathon! I'm excited about running this one. It's new for me, the forecast sounds perfect and I will get to buy a reward when I'm done. I have no expectations for this race other than to cross the finish line somewhere between 2:08 and 2:15. Those are my best and worst times of the previous five half marathons I did this year.
Nikki is running the half also! We have not met face to face but have chatted back and forth on here. I will keep an eye out for you Nikki! My plans are to have this half be my swan song (for this year anyway). I plan to hang up the runners out of sight for the balance of 2008. I feel I need to have a good rest from running. I have said this before but caved in! I will give it a good honest effort this time.

Two more sleeps and I will be doing a winery tour! YES, a winery tour the day before the race! It's the only time I could fit it in, and I am not going to Kelowna and not doing a winery tour. I will just taste a little here and there and it won't even amount to a full glass all together. Three of the wineries I will be tasting at are ones that
Runner Leana mentioned that she ran by in her blog posting of Oct 6 titled Wine Festival Weekend. This will be my fourth winery tour. I visited Napa Valley in California, Hunter Valley just outside of Sydney in Australia, Cowichan Valley just outside Victoria in British Columbia and now Kelowna! I hope to bring a couple of bottles home in my suitcase.

This is going to be like a mini get-a-way vacation!


  1. Good luck at the Kelowna half! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.

  2. Sounds like a cool race! Have fun

  3. I hear the weather is a little chilly there in the morning! Hope you brought some cold running gear!

    Good luck =)

  4. Run hard. Run well. Have fun. Blog soon!

    And yes, I'm a Maritimer. You?


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