Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunshine on my shoulders....

...makes me happy! There was not much sunshine at Sunshine but we didn’t need that to make us smile today! What an absolutely amazing place and sight! Fourteen of us piled on the shuttle (yellow school bus) at the main village to get us 6 kilometers up the mountain to our starting point. For the majority of our hike, the weather was in our favor but showered on us as we made our descent at the end of the day. The first kilometer or so was a gradual uphill climb. The elevation was not that significant but because we started at a very high elevation to begin with, the heavy breathing and slow pace were noticable. At this point, you can already see behind/below me, some of the ski trails just waiting for a snowfall.
The terrain varied considerably as you can see below. The golden colors were vibrant, even without the sun's rays. The larch trees were still at their peak but the wildflowers were no where to be seen. I will have to make a note to return in the summer for what is suppose to be a wild view of wild flowers!
We stopped to dine around noon at the Standish Lookout. On top of the world, in the middle of no where, we found a wooden structure with stairs, railings, two levels and benches to sit on and take a load off while we nibbled staring in awe of what lay around us.
Three lakes spanned the vast widespread meadow, each unique in their own color and surroundings. Here are Rock Isle Lake and Larix Lake. The trail eventually led down below and meandered around all three. The reflections of the gold larch trees in the water looked spectacular! Not only were there lakes but also babbling brooks and little water falls.

Just like last weekend, once again, we crossed over into British Columbia at the Continental Divide. If you click on the photos below, you can read the boundary story and also see the layout of the Sunshine ski trails.
This was an amazing day! After all was said and done, it was time to hit the trail back down to catch the 3:30 yellow school bus. At this point the showers started, as if to shed a tear goodbye as this is the last weekend for hiking the meadows. Summer is over, the larch trees will drop their needles to the ground and prepare for the snow cover which will soon be upon us.
Sunshine, I hope you have a great, safe, successful winter and I look forward to seeing you next summer!


  1. Great report and observations, and of course pics! about Sunshine. Looks very pretty, yet a sense of the impending cold weather and snow is clearly evident. So it is literally and figuratively goodbye to sunshine as you all start to prepare for winter. I am sure you enjoy it just as much as other seasons!

  2. Very fun day! Love those hiking trips you'Re doing!

    Eh you cut the French version in the picture of the story of the AB/BC boundary ;-)


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