Friday, June 13, 2008

no Shot of Shirt to Share

Because I was a "late entry" I did not receive a shirt at race pack pick-up today! That’s O.K., a medal beats a shirt any day! I will just have to buy a new running shirt as my reward afterwards!

Speaking of reward, I want to wear my Red Deer reward for tomorrow’s Footstock Half Marathon. If the forecast stands as it is posted right now (+4 mainly sunny at 8:00am and +10 sunny at 10:00am) that outfit will be just fine and dandy, remembering to add 10 degrees to the current temperature because that’s what it feels like when you run.

I plan to take stock at foot stock! My time for the May18th half was 15 seconds faster then my time for the April 27th half which amounts to a 1 second difference in overall average pace of min/km. In other words, they were pretty much identical races. I’m not so sure I could have managed that outcome if I planned for it! My goal has always been to finish upright and healthy with a smile on my face, how ever long or short it takes. I tend not to push, for fear of bonking or causing injury. If I want to have a positive difference of more than 15 seconds, I better do something!

Race day is not the time to be a smart ass and alter your race plan but it will be a time to take stock. Then it will be time to stop playing it safe, kick it up a notch, go outside the comfort zone and create a little sweat! Because...the Stampede Half is looming!

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  1. Good morning from sunny, rather windy Nova Scotia!
    I love reading about all your races.....what an accomplishment!!!
    Take care good luck with your race!
    Marion would have loved being in Lunenburg with Peggie and I last weekend.....right up your alley!!


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