Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bevy of Bikes

I would have to say that anyone who owns a bike must have been out on it today! It was a great day to ride!

My route took me along the Nose Creek Pathway for about 15km then onto the Bow River Path all the way to Edworthy. My guesstimate would be that I covered 45km to 50km in total.

There was lots to distract along the way which heightened my level of curiosity. I caught the zoo animals before they retired for their after lunch nap. The bears seemed unusually close to the bike path. They must be in a temporary home or maybe even a new one. The aroma of the lilacs was intoxicating...wish I could attach the fragrance to my blog or post a scratch and sniff. Alberta’s wild roses were plentiful, peeking out from everywhere in their vibrant shade of pink. It’s that time of year when the Bow beckons, enticing the rafters. Final preparations were taking place for Richard Branson’s Virgin Musical Festival at Ft. Calgary. It appeared and sounded as if it was due to start any minute. I couldn’t get near the place, blockades were in place along the bike path leading to it. I wonder what was behind the Police Line Do Not Cross tape. I will have to watch the news tonight!

I’m getting use to the bike gears and know what it takes to get up the long steep hills. Even though, I still had to walk her up the last long one which was 10 minutes out from home.

My new biker bottoms are keepers as is my shebeest jersey. Now I just have to have a helmet that matches my bike color. I think along with the proper helmet color, new cycling gloves and a nice new sporty watch, I would be capable of riding faster and further!

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