Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Best for Biking

SO! Biker Babe bought biker bottoms! These bottoms are plain, black, nothing fancy, from a local sporting store on 10th Ave SW. I thought I was all set until I tried them on with some of my technical tops. The look just wasn’t working for me. I like to have nice, bright, fun looking sporty numbers and nothing but the best cause they make me feel the best!

SO! Biker Babe better buy biker blouse! Well, not really a blouse but that word fit in best with my exclamation of "B" words. I paid a visit to a local cycle shop on 10th St NW. As I entered the front door, I heard a call out "take me home" coming from my left. Every now and then I hear those words and it’s always when I’m browsing the stores.

SO! As I glanced to my left, right before my eyes was a vision of beauty! It screamed out bright, fun, nice! It was my size, my color, it had my name on it "Shebeest"! I grabbed the cycling jersey off the rack and held it close! I browsed the store!

SO! While I was there, I moseyed around, seeing as I had the time. I saw accessories I needed to have! Love accessories! I picked a bottle cage and a pannier and held those close with the jersey. I see other necessities biker babe better buy but those will have to wait to be held close another time.

SO! Now I’m thinking! I have to stop reading the Shopaholic Series of books because they are taking a toll on me!

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  1. Ah yes, I bought my first cycling jersey too. It is coming in the mail!


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