Thursday, July 23, 2020

Skoki Aborted so Lake Louse & Bow River July 23, 2020 Lake Louise Camping

Today's plan was to complete some kind of a big hike up in the Skoki Region.  It was a later start due to waking to rain and working around and between the showers to get ready for the day.  We were ready and made the very short drive to the trail head only to arrive in a down poor.  We waited, we texted, we waited, we left, completed an errand, came back and got going.  We had a short period where the weather was beautiful as you can see in the first two photos.  We continued on to the forest section and then the sky opened, it poured, it thundered, we took shelter, we geared up more, we moved on, we took shelter, we moved on, we took shelter, it thundered.  We discussed what to do, I knew this was not for me, we aborted the plan for today and did a turn about and hiked back to our vehicles.  I wanted to do something so after a snack and a quick chat, we went in different directions to each find a way to save our day.   

I went to Lake Louise.  I wanted to see it even though I have seen it a hundred times.  I was thankful for the blue sky and the heat.  I strolled the shoreline for a bit and then came back and found a bench which I settled on and owned for an hour.  It was nice to just sit, snack, and take it all in.  Eventually it was time to move on and enjoy some campsite time. A beer, chips, hammock time, dinner and after that the evening was still young.

I scooted over to my friend's campsite to see if she was keen to walk the Bow River Loop before calling it a day.  She was onboard and immediately said I am taking my bear spray.  Cameras and bear spray in hand we walk the loop on a most beautiful evening.  We commented on high the Bow River was running and admired it's colour.

Before calling it a night, I hung out in my hammock and read for awhile.  It was a nice night and I did not want it to end but tomorrow was another day, filled with taking down camp, hitting a hiking trail and then having the drive home.  In our world today I am working at living a life, finding enjoyment, being open to change, accepting what needs to be and that played a big part again in my day today.

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  1. I can fully understand why you keep going back to Lake Louise.
    That colour for starters.


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