Friday, July 24, 2020

Bow Vally Parkway July 24, 2020 Lake Louise Camping

I woke to hearing sprinkles landing on my tent so I was in no rush to make an exit.  It was a chilly morning and I was so comfy and cozy in my Talus.  Eventually the showers stopped and I peaked my head out and then made the exit to get going with the day. We each had a plan in our minds of what we wanted our day to be like.  We attacked our plans.  I opted to stick around awhile and enjoy a little more time at my campsite.  After two coffees instead of one a bit of breakfast, I got a move on with taking down my site and load it all back into my car.  

I aimed for the Bow Valley Parkway to have a nice big breakfast at an official open picnic site.  While setting up I heard a rustle and spotted a grizzly bear.  What are the chances? I wondered was it the same one we saw on Wednesday in the campground.  For this photo I zoomed in so it was not as close as it looks but it did mean packing everything back into my car and moving on down the road.  
I picked another spot much further along the Parkway.  I captured a few photos of the wildflowers which were incredible along the whole road.  I decided to make it an early lunch by now but enjoy it   inside my vehicle instead of at a table.  I did not want to have experience another What are the chances? of the negative kind!

In our world today I am working at living a life, finding enjoyment, being open to change, accepting what needs to be and that played a big part again in my day today.  While I believe life has always been this way, it seems more prevalent these days.  I am trying to be thankful for what I have and where I can go and by doing this I am finding joy where I never saw it before!  What are the chances?

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  1. The chances are increasing rapidly this week. Wow images!


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