Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Bellevue Prairie Trail & Red Rock Canyon July 15, 2020

Of all days to pick to spend along the Red Rock Canyon Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park, today was the day.  From the second I turned off onto that road the views were spectacular and never ending.  I hiked the Bellevue Prairie Trail which is the area where they say the prairies meet the mountains.  I read this route is blanketed with wildflowers and as it turned out that is saying it mildly.  It's not a trail to rush along (then again what trail is), it is a trail to do 360's which I did dizzily!  When I felt I had my fill I returned the way I came and then it was time to drive further on down the Parkway to Red Rock Canyon.  My intentions were to walk around the Canyon and then veer off and hike along one of the trails leading elsewhere.  There would be no going elsewhere from here as the trails were closed due to bears.  I spent a little more time at the Canyon and went down into it to be up closer with the red rock.  While there was no one at Bellevue when I was there, there were only five others here at the Canyon during my stay.  After leaving Red Rock Canyon I invested time at many of the pull offs just to take in the beauty.  Lunch time was picnicking at Coppermine Creek, it was a quiet sweet little spot just off the road with tasty views.  It had been years since I ventured down this road, long enough ago that today felt like a brand new experience!  July is absolutely beautiful here, I wonder what it looks like in September?

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  1. What a blissful day! Sooooomuch beauty everywhere you turned. Red Rock Canyon is amazing.


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