Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Wasootch Ridge June 2, 2020

taking a load off my back off my feet off my mind
Being at the top of Wasootch Ridge (including the views along the way) is one of my favourite places to be in the morning at this time of year but the attack to get there is one of my least favourites.   Lots of self talk usually takes place on the way up to keep going and to get there.  Unusual for this time along this trek was no self talk was needed.  It just happened and this is what it looked like along the way!
I was first to arrive this morning, reaching the second cairn at 9:29am.  
I needed this accomplishment and felt the weight lifted when I put my feet on that pile of rocks.
It was time to savour the success of reaching this summit.   
A couple of other hikers arrived and I could see more on the way up.  I gathered my gear and began to attack the trip back which is returning the way I came and means many ups & downs & ups & downs, yes many ups on the return trip.
This was the view I had for much of the trip back along the ridge.  
I must have passed beside 100 hikers who were on their way up.  This is the new reality on a beautiful weekday in our mountain playground.  We are all needing to soothe our souls and fill our hearts with some kind of love! Being in the mountains does this for me and I feel healed once again for another couple of days.


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