Monday, June 15, 2020

Sulphur Mountain June 15, 2020

The National Parks have been calling my name!  These are the days to answer that call while they are  on the quiet side.  I entered into Banff National Park with intentions to hike up Sulphur Mountain and then visit the townsite afterwards.  Notice the warnings at the trailhead, go prepared so not to be a burden on the gondola facilities which these days are strictly for the customers who purchase a ticket to ride.  
I had the switchbacks up to myself and arrived at the deck before the gondola starting running for the day.  I saw no one as I circumnavigated the deck.  It felt erie in a way yet I was liking it!  This is the only deck open to hikers and it is the deck that leads off to the boardwalk to the Cosmic Ray Station up on Sanson Peak which you see at the top middle.  I headed off to that.
view west from the top of Cosmic Ray Road
looking back at the boardwalk, the gondola station and the true Sulphur Mountain summit
It felt erie being the only soul here and the clouds dancing about looked erie.  I thoroughly enjoyed every second, but I also thought about the local tourism industry.  What a bitter sweet situation!  I wonder what the coming weeks and the summer will be like here!
snack spot on those famous red chairs
I made my way back to the gondola station still seeing no one along the way.  It was now shortly after the gondola started running and the employees were manning the doorways that enter to inside which is only accessible to those that paid the price to take the ride up.  We exchanged chats and I then went on my way descending back down the switchbacks.  The gondolas passed over head and each one that passed was empty.  Maybe things picked up as the day went on.

I went on, with my day.  This photo shows Banff Avenue, the main street that runs through downtown Banff.  You can see in the middle top, a little brown bump, that is what I just hiked up to.  Banff Avenue is pedestrian only for now as are a couple of side streets.  This was the view as I strolled along.
looking towards Cascade Mountain
side street with outdoor patios and cafes
a sweet looking Sweet Shoppe
the Bow River is swelling
Like I mentioned earlier, being here was bitter sweet today!  
I wish Banff and all of Banff National Park to be well!  


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