Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thursday's Two Hour Time Frames

At this Thursday's end, I feel fulfilled having lots to show for the day!  As it would have it, two hours at a time is what it took to accomplish these, this and that.  Just after sunrise I put my feet to the paths of Nose Creek to take in the early morning sights & sounds.  The wildflowers and wildlife were all awake.  I have never seen this place so alive.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time for much of the two hours spent walking these trails.  Here are a couple of photos and a collage showing what beauty there was to behold!

Having completed the "Sunflower Bouquet" cross-stitch a couple of weeks back and needing a break from needle crafting, it's now time to begin again.  I have a great set up on my little back deck where I can get comfy enough to cross-stitch.  By the time I completed the yellow section on the brown perforated paper, two hours had passed and the sun was beginning to work its way in my direction.  Only time will tell what this project is all about!  Stay tuned! 

When living our lives began to take a different direction, my focus took a turn too, along with all of you.  My attention turned to the artistic side which obviously became a popular past time for many.  I knew what coloured pencils I wanted to use to learn how to sketch but everywhere was sold out.  Once they became available again, I placed an order and I have been thoroughly enjoying passing time filling blank canvases.  For now I am following tutorials, today's lesson took two hours and this is my completed work of art!
I love days like this!
Look for love and you can find it!
I see it in the face of this coyote!
Heart Shaped Love!

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