Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Memory of Another Kind

Back on Thanksgiving Saturday of last year I was gifted a most beautiful day at Larch Valley.  I cherish that day, I was well aware my stars aligned perfectly!  As each year passes the opportunities to visit this beautiful part of Banff National Park dwindle and that makes me cherish my time there even more.  I took this photo that day.  It sits on my desktop and each time I glance over at it, in my mind I go back to that day and I then feel my heart warm and then I smile wide.  Oh the memories!  I wanted some way to make a permanent memory other than a blog post containing the photo or the photo sitting on my desktop.
I love being in the mountains and find love in many ways & places!
The novelty of documenting tea pouring while "out & about" has been fun!

I thought about ways to make a memory of another kind.  

I started with the photo.
I found a program to create a cross stitch pattern from a photo.
This is my memory of another kind! It now hangs on the wall in my living area.  The stitched area measures 6" by 8" with the framed measurements at 8" by 10".  I incorporated beads with the tea stitches and they sparkle.  I stitched a pink heart charm onto the cuff of my jacket to show my love for the mountains.  This was a challenging project to work.  I am so pleased with the outcome. 

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  1. Congratulations! It is awesome. How wonderful to have it on your wall, to enjoy the very special memories every day.


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