Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Confluence Park & Nose Creek March 25, 2020

I woke then tossed and turned for a bit, then I contemplated what could today possibly look like!  Some things I have control over for how this day will transpire.  So I began the opening up, not of the news nor of emails but rather I first opened the curtains and then the blinds.  When I saw some snow had fallen over night I knew this mornings walk would be wonderful.  I opened by heart to the love I could find in this day!   

the beginning of the Nose Creek & Confluence Park trails
I walked from home to the park and noticed no vehicles in the parking lot.  
It was still on the early side for most people.   
It was not too early for wildlife.
off in the distance the city was beginning to wake 
It was serene seeing this skiff of snow, so white, so bright, sparkling, untouched and so pure.
The path leads down to Nose Creek.  
This robin looked very healthy or maybe she is expecting!
As the minutes passed and the further down hill I hiked, the prettier it became.  
The early morning light brightened up the bushes .
I followed the path along the creek and then veered off to hike back up to the top, getting in a tiny bit of elevation.  Still there was no one.  You can see the pathway that I was just on, across and down below.  
What goes up must come down!  I went back down again, to follow the pathway along Nose Creek and to cross a couple of the bridges over the creek.  There is something taking place in this photo which I have never seen here before.  The reflection!  It is crisp it is clear it is colourful!  This creek is always muddied and dismal, not today!  
view of Nose Creek with the reflection, taken from the bridge 
view of the not yet fully thawed creek 
I followed the trail along the valley bottom towards the main Trans Canada Trail pathway system which is now called The Great Trail.  I stayed on it for awhile before veering off and up into a residential neighbourhood then walking a few more kilometres back to my home.
I left a little love behind for others who may come here to find a little peace.

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