Friday, March 27, 2020

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park March 27, 2020

My hike at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park this morning means more than ever as I now write my write-up!  With the new closures announced this afternoon, I don't know when my next visit to this wonderful park will be.  I cherish my ten kilometre experience there this morning which began with witnessing an amazing sunrise!  
trying to be artistic by adding a wood frame to the sunrise 
I opted for a different way down to the park bottom.  
The Visitor Centre is closed and has been for a couple of weeks.  
The lights remain on into dawn.   
The sky over Badger Bowl looked pretty in pink!
With the rolling hills along Badger Bowl, I got to enjoy another sunrise.  

This spot along the trail was worthy of investing a little time.  The snow capped mountain peaks stretched from one end to the other.  They are so close yet so far and even further away as each day passes and access to them is denied.  In a couple of weeks the ground beneath my feet will begin to show shades of pink and purple as the crocuses come to life.
farm land to mountain peaks
beauty far and wide
McPherson Trail was covered in sections of hard packed snow and ice.  It was spaced out enough that I could get around it easily without sporting my spikes.  I tried to be artistic again by placing a two inch piece of ice in the snow and capturing a shot of the sun shining through it.
another tiny piece of ice looking like it's covered with beads
The descent from McPherson Trail was sketchy and the bottom part of it where it links up with Bowbend Trail was even sketchier.  The river breached its banks and flooded the trail.  Still being early morning the sun had not reached this section yet so it was still fully frozen.
along Bowbend Trail
See the deer?
The cattle gate was closed to keep the cows out.
It was now time to work on completing this great big loop and that meant I just had to get up out of the valley along this last stretch.  To this point and over two hours, I saw a soloist in the distance and I passed by a couple and a threesome.  We gave each other lots of space and shared pleasantries while doing so.
Every time I come to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, I have an enjoyable experience.  I have hope that some day down the road I will get to drive down that long winding dirt road to where I can begin  my day by witnessing another pretty sunrise. 

This was today's 10km route.

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