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The Windtower July 14, 2019

I had heard the word Windtower a few times over the past few weeks and it was coming at me from different directions.  Then my friend put a Windtower shout out which I heard loud and clear and I hopped on board to hit that place. I had last been up Windtower back in September of 2013 so I looked back at what I had to say about that day and also because it was an official coordinated event I checked out all those details too.  Lots has changed since I was last there.  The trail from West Wind Pass to just before the last gradual climb is now a whole different ball game with lots more hands on sections, long torn up sections of trail and a scree bash on steep sections. It was not near as user friendly as I remember it was on that September day years ago.  What we did find today though was lots to love ๐Ÿ’–about being "out & about" here.  
We geared up on the side of the road under warmth from the sunshine.  ๐ŸŒž
We ascended right from the get-go and before too long, we needed to delayer.  I liked what I was seeing, yes there are those white wispy fluffy clouds.  I stated I was taking photos now because who knows what this might look like on the way day.  This was the view behind us looking down onto Spray Lake.
We opted to pass right on by West Wind Pass in favour of reaching the summit of Windtower.  The weather was to be on our side for the morning and into the afternoon.  Here you can see the Pass at the right and that's Rimwall at the left with grey Little Sister peaking out.
It was so calm we were afforded reflections.  
Spray Lake is one long lake and this is just a portion of it.
We took a short break at a grassy knoll.
Then it was all business to find our way through more little scramble sections and up through the scree sh**.  About twenty minutes before the summit the trail became friendly and we just carried on to the top.  Sweet summit beauty with The Rimwall, Three Sisters, Wind Ridge and Canmore down below.
my Windtower summit shot ⛰
There are two rock shelters on the summit, the top one was occupied so we took the second one just below it.  The trio + dog in the top one lingered and lingered and lingered.  Then they left and a few minutes later right behind us, he was down!  Yes, down on one knee proposing and she declared "YES"๐Ÿ’! We finished dining and then scoped out the summit edge for photos.

view from the summit edge
climbing bolt
our group photo on the top of Windtower
feeling high and like we can fly 
We made it down to the plateau area with Mount Lougheed off in the distance.  That little tiny brown bump at the left base of Lougheed is Mount Allan.  We meandered along the grassy slopes below Lougheed for a little while, all the while now watching the dark clouds dance about.
view off to many peaks and ridges
deja vu just like in the Dolomites  ๐ŸŽถ"the hills are alive"๐ŸŽถ
There were a few great finds hiding in the meadow.  
I found this heart shaped rock!
My friend found this fossil!
lots of wildflowers ๐ŸŒป
We carried on with purpose from the meadow back to the trail and through all the cra* sections.  We wanted to be off that before any rain came our way.  It was easier getting back to West Wind Pass.  We explored the area and had a snack before making our way down the last stretch through the forest.  
A few minutes before the end we got lightly sprinkled upon.  We were thankful to be finished and to have been able to experience the best weather of the day for our entire adventure.   It's been a year since I retired and I am truly enjoying this style of work that I now perform on weekdays.  Days like these are treasures!

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