Wednesday, May 8, 2019

East Ventures West (City) May 6 - May 8, 2019

Earlier this year I put a shout out to Nova Scotia to see who would be keen to head west this year to spend some time with me.  I ventured east four times in the past three years and was feeling that's enough for quite some time.  I was happy for the quick positive reply to my shout out and began putting plans in place.  The plan took on a life of its own and grew to where it would become a visit filled with more than I expected or dreamt it would be.    
Just short of a six hour direct flight with a three hour time difference, we still had a large part of the day to fill after arrival.  A good leg stretcher is a mere hop, skip and a jump from my place so we went for it.  We strolled and chatted, getting caught up on our life happenings.  We took advantage where we could and played East imitates West!
Her specialty is walking boardwalks that go over sand and protect sand dunes.

Another day we headed into city center and invested a few hours on our feet checking out the sites.  
I was gifted this book which had us in a fit of laughter as we read the slang from A-Z!

A day was put aside to hike around Fish Creek Provincial Park with my former co-worker of 30 years who is also an east coaster through & through, yet of the Newfie kind.  She picked out a suitable route which was just short of 8 kilometres.
They met many many years ago for a few minutes.
Today they had lots to chat about.
along the Bow River
My visitor's specialty is walking barefoot in the sand on beaches along the Northumberland Straight.   
pelicans at Fish Creek Provincial Park
We were fortunate to have some blue sky for most of our walk.  Being a somewhat chilly overcast day, we opted to dine restaurant style instead of along the trail.  We finished our stroll along the Bow River then drove off to dine.
After a late lunch we headed from south back up north to relax then get ready for a mountain day!

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