Friday, May 10, 2019

East Ventures West (Banff National Park, Banff) May 10, 2019

This East Ventures West trip took on a life of its own and the plan became even sweeter when an offer was put out to come even further west and spend a few days.  We jumped on board with including time in Banff National Park as part of our itinerary.  We visited with our elementary school through junior high & high school friend who lives and works in Banff.  She welcomed us into her home!  I have not talked to her since high school days so we had loads to catch up on.  How lit is it that she is also a hiker.
After dinner we walked out her back door and headed into the woods following a trail that led us to spaces I have never been.  First we had a view of Tunnel Mountain from a different vantage point.  She pointed to where we would be hiking to tomorrow.
  Here is a reflection of the four of us with a view of Mount Rundle from a different vantage point.  
evening lighting creating a pretty picture
We found our way to the Banff Springs Hotel.  
Here we could see Mount Rundle, the Banff Springs Golf Course & Club House, the Bow River.
view of Tunnel Mountain
We had a beautiful evening to be out strolling.  
the back side of the Banff Springs Hotel
view outside from inside the Banff Springs Hotel
We left the Hotel behind and walked down to the Bow River and the Falls.  
It was calm and quiet and getting on into the evening.
The evening golden glow began.
We carried on and aimed for her home. 
It was late now and time to head to bed.  
Thank you for welcoming us into your home!

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