Saturday, May 11, 2019

East Ventures West (Banff National Park, Lake Louise) May 11, 2019

We were booked in for a night at Chateau Lake Louise.  I have not stayed here before.  We went to the reception desk to check in and they stated we needed to go to the 7th Floor to check in.  The expression displayed by my friend led me to believe we were in for something special.  As it turned out we were!  This was a wonderful surprise that had been arranged for my friend and for her to share with us.  I opened the curtain and this was view.  I captured this photograph through the large picture window in our room.
We unpacked a bit and organized our things then aimed for outside to stroll around.  We did not stroll much after already completing a five hour hike early today.  We picked a spot with three chairs in the private section in front of the Chateau and just sat and stared.   The sun was hot, it was relaxing so we took advantage of that.
Later we went back to our suite.  Another surprise had been orchestrated!  
My friend poured the champagne and we made a toast before savouring the array of treats on the board.  Two notes had been left for her and we got to read them.  I knew I was being included in something very special.  We finished the delicacies and the champagne then cleaned up before heading out our door.....
.....and down the hall for more decadent and delicious appetizers.
our private dining location

We had dinner reservations made but cancelled those when we knew our new room location included more food than we could manage anyway.  We stayed here for awhile savouring everything.  Later into the evening we went to the bar for a beverage before enjoying another outside stroll.  Then we went to our suite and said our good nights.  What a day we had!  It will be memorable!  Thank you to my friend and to my friend's friend for giving us this amazing opportunity!

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