Thursday, April 4, 2019

Montane Traverse Plus April 4, 2019

Like I stated a little while back, I have become so spoiled with these one-ways when I have been "out & about".  To top today off, this one-way hike ended when I turned off my GPS on the door steps of the Canmore Legion where we got to indulge on the outside deck in the sunshine.  Before the indulgence though, we covered lots of ground from where we were dropped off at Cougar Canyon. Cougar Canyon lead to the  Montane Traverse, which lead to the Ridge Traverse which lead to Meander Trail then Johnny's Trail.  From there we crossed over the bridge into civilization and marched through downtown Canmore to the Canmore Legion. There were many stars to mark today and of course it is always mountain scenery for me.      
We were under lots of blue sky while we hiked along dry trails through the forest.
In many sections the forest opened up and teased us with views of the mountain peaks. 
We crossed over a couple of rough rugged rocky creek beds.  
We picked this creek bed as our dining spot.  We had a great view to savour.  
I picked this to be the place to capture my destination shot.  
I was not sure what was to come and did not want to arrive home without a shot.
The trail we followed after lunch was on a slight downward slope with hard packed snow and ice.  It was time to don our spikes to make for a sure footed uneventful descent.  At times we questioned our where abouts and joked about it, more so when we were completely surrounded by trees with no peaks peeking above them.  Then when the views opened up again we knew we were found.   
I really enjoyed the meadow sections with the grand vistas.  
The snow and ice were now behind us, as were the dark clouds and flurries.  The further along we went the cheerier it became.  I was already beginning to wonder where the Legion in Canmore was and when we might arrive there.  That was part of the becoming more cheerier.  But first we got to enjoy meandering through meadows.
I captured one more mountain scene before it was time to head on down to civilization.  We found our way out to the backside of condo complexes, walked by construction, crossed over the highway on the bridge then marched right through downtown Canmore by shops and past tea spots.
We were now on a mission and that was to get to the Canmore Legion quickly so there would be enough time on our hands to savour another star of the day.  For me the star was my favourite beer called "Grumpy Bear".  I joined the guys out on the deck in the sunshine, savouring sips while sharing stories of our day.  
Each time I head out with this crew on Thursday's, I feel like I fit in more and more.  
Thank you for today!

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