Saturday, April 13, 2019

Glenbow Ranch Crocus Hunting April 13, 2019

Today turned into a "save the day" in a big way kind of day!  In a matter of about 10 minutes the plan changed from a westerly winter snowshoe trek to an urban crocus hunt hike.  While I was sitting at the car pool location waiting,  the discovery was made a couple of emails disappeared into a black hole somewhere and this car pool was not happening nor was the snowshoe trek.  I drove back home and during the drive made a "save the day" plan.  I changed out of my winter wear into spring wear, downsized my pack in a big way, then hit the road again.   

This is what today's "save the day" looked like!
It's crocus hunting season and I had an idea where there was potential to have a successful hunt.  
Glenbow Ranch has some sunny grassy slopes that are optimal for crocus growth.
First you veer off onto the Tiger Lily Trail.
Find your way to the pond and pass by it.
Ascend up the Badger Bowl Trail.
Reach the high point by the bench & fence and there you go.
crocus after crocus
a lone pink crocus
some with water droplets
a purple pair letting their insides peek through
the purple star marks the great crocus hunting grounds
this was my 10 km route for today
My "save the day" activity was so totally opposite of what was supposed to be.  I realize and I am thankful that such a wide variety of things bring me joy.  Even after seeing the first crocus today, I felt pleased and rewarded. Things in life just have a way of working out in a positive way if you go after finding a way!


  1. A sensational save the day plan. Your crocus have such delicate beauty to have survived harsh winters. Ours are quite different.

  2. What a wonderful flower. This is the first time that I see a crocus.


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