Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kananaskis (A Just Living Life Day) April 25, 2019

My intentions as each day comes is to stay home and accomplish household chores.  Each day comes and I come up with one excuse or another to get going and get out the door doing one thing or another.  When I woke this morning and checked the forecast I knew this would be a day to get out the door and get going and stay home another day.  The forecast was for fabulous and it turned out that way as you can see in the fluffily (made up that word) framed photo from Mount Lorette Ponds.    
As each day comes it is a challenge to get out for sunrise with the sun rising so early.  I did get going with the morning rush hour crowd but my rush was heading west then south on highway 40 "where life begins".  I made it to the Upper Kananaskis Lake in time for shoreline shadow shots.  
I strolled the shore admiring the scenery.  It was not even mid morning yet and already an avalanche of snow occurs.  I heard it first, it was thunderous, and then I zoomed in on it.  It is surprising how what looks like a small amount of snow can make such a roar.
After getting some exercise, I came back to my car then set up my breakfast site.  
It was time to move on down the road.  I made the short drive over to the Interlake Parking Lot and went for another shoreline stroll.  This is the springtime scene with ice breaking up.  There were a few vehicles in the parking lot and I assumed they were probably over at The Point Backcountry Campground.
The sights so far were splendid and there was still more to see.  On the way up to Kananaskis Village I stopped on the side of the road to capture this photo of the Kananaskis River.  It is dry in this region as you can see from the river level.  Snow run off should help increase the depths.
It was nearing noon and I was feeling for food.  My intentions were to dine at Wedge Pond by a fire.  The entrance to Kananaskis had a billboard that showed the fire rating at high.  No fire today.  It seems early in the year to have a rating of high already.  I arrived at Wedge Pond and my favourite spot was vacant.
I set up my lunch site.  
A few days back I made turkey chili for the first time and froze single size portions. My Trangia worked like a charm.  In about 8 minutes my turkey chili was thawed and hot. I had a selection of crackers and pretzels to pair with it.
Now satisfied from lunch it was time to relax, take a load off, just lounge about.  Enter to the scenario, my hammock, the perfect place to just hang out.  It swayed every so slightly, just enough, to sway me into sleep.  I did end up having my bear spray beside me just in case, along with a book with intentions of reading.  The reading never happened,  
Forty minutes later I packed up, it was time to move on down the road again.  Even though I have driven by Mount Lorette Ponds a multitude of times over the years I have not taken time in those years to invest time in admiring them.  I did check them out a couple of times but that seems like a lifetime ago.   
The ponds put on a spectacular show!
It was so pretty and so peaceful.
The colors were amazing today.  
When I am out sightseeing on Highway 40 "where life begins" I like stopping by Barrier Lake for a bit to admire the views there.  Access is closed until June 29th while construction is taking place.  Today was definitely the day to be out doing what I did in Kananaskis.  All those household chores are still there for me to attack another day.  Maybe I will stay home on Saturday seeing as there is snow in the forecast!


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