Thursday, February 14, 2019

Watridge Lake February 14, 2019

I was really looking forward to today.  It has been two weeks since I have been out to my mountain playground.  I was thankful to have others to go with today and to share Valentine's Day with them.  We arrived at the Mount Shark Parking Lot under bright blue sky with a temperature of -18C & no windchill.  Nine of us set off snowshoeing to Watridge Lake plus Karst Springs to experience everything we love about this sport and this area.        
There is loads of snow out here and the X-C Ski trails had been groomed over night.
Quite quickly I needed to delayer and down grade to not so warm mittens and hat.  
The meadows were pristine and they were picture perfect too.  
Each delayer & each down grade took place at a scenic spot.
Finding true love was not a challenge today.  
After a new snow fall and with no wind, we were presented with snow laden forests.
I smile at tiny little two foot trees that command attention.
Shadow shot, there is your proof of a bright sunshiny day.
Most times in life I wear my heart on my sleeve yet today I also wore it on my chest.  
We arrived at Watridge Lake and each captured our own unique style of destination shot.  This was mine with me flying, the snow flying, the hearts flying.  We packed down a large area in the snow then settled down in the sun to dine.  After lunch a few of us carried on up to Karst Springs.  What a load of snow there was through there.  I had no luck with capturing pretty pictures there and I blame it on not good light.   
A few fluffy clouds began to form and they made the scenery that much more beautiful.  I have never come here to X-C Ski, it has always been to snowshoe.  With views like this and tracks that look like these, for a few seconds I wished I was on my skis.  One day, some day!
This pristine meadow was not so pristine after myself and another worked our way into the middle of it.  I could not help myself, I just had to venture on in.  If you look closely to the right, you can see the moon just about a peak.
We arrived back at the parking lot and this was the view when I took one last look back.  
Thank you for today!


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