Monday, February 11, 2019

Nose Hill Photography Play February 11, 2019

Biscuits were baked, dishes were done, laundry was loaded, it was now time to start a story.  To get the story started I had to put the camera into case, bundle up big, then head to the hill.  There were a few brave souls hiking up on Nose Hill braving the temperature and braced against the wind.  When putting the day's weather forecast into perspective, today would be considered balmy & bright in comparison to what we have been enduring.   

This is what balmy & bright looks like!

With only three clouds in the sky, there was an abundance of opportunity to capture shadow shots.  Being donned up for the conditions and feeling quite comfortable being "out & about" in the frigidness, I took time for photography play along the way.   
Nose Hill is just a great big hill although sometimes it looks like a mountain.
My photography play also included some time to put things into perspective. 
It's all size...can you figure out the true story here?
Resting against that erratic rock that can look like a mountain at times.
Here we go again!  Someone told me the coyote population has increased in Calgary.  Is this even yet another one or is this the same guy I have come across in my past three visits to Nose Hill.  Could it be they come out of hiding on weekdays when they think they can own their territory.    We eyed each other then went our separate ways.
I hiked across to the far side of Nose Hill.  It took time breaking trail in ankle deep then lower calf deep snow at times. My intentions were to do a big loop but I began to feel lazy and had enough with trail breaking so returned the way I came.  Yet, not before taking time to rest on the far side.
This was the route for today.  That little jaunt sticking out at the bottom right was not an oops, I knew at this point it was necessary to add that on to make sure I reached the 10 kilometre mark when all was said and done.  
After arriving back home, I savoured a cup of cocoa paired with butter on a biscuit. 
Happy heart! Happy soul! Happy stomach!

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