Thursday, February 7, 2019

Glenbow Ranch February 7, 2019

That window of opportunity that I talked about yesterday did actually happen but I did not wait for the opening, I was "out & about" before it opened and arrived back home as the opening commenced.  It was a clear smooth sail out the 1A to Glenbow Ranch and I was thankful for that.  I had seen photos of what that area has been looking like and I wanted to see that for myself.   

This is what I wanted to see and this is what I saw!

All the layers were necessary allowing no skin to be exposed.  

With a name like Glenbow Ranch of course you have to expect there will be fences.  While they serve a ranch environment purpose, I like them for photo ops using them as photo props.   I had no intentions of them being a focus today but it turned out that way.
There were warnings that cows were frequenting the Tiger Lily trail.  

Not only were fences a thing today, so were the clouds and I have this thing for clouds.  If you are a loyal follower of mine than you already know this.  Today the cloud coverage was captivating.  For this reason I am glad I ventured out early as the clouds may have dispersed out here as the day went on.
This is why I love winter!
the clouds, the fence, the snow, the cold
I can only say "aahhh"!

The snow is supposed to begin again.  
That (somewhat) warm window will be closing this evening.
 Friday will develop into a wintry white wonderland.

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  1. I can understand your 'eny' of our variety of terrain, [its just so different to yours and vice versa] but not the kilometres we hike. We rarely get passed 10 km. I would so love to be on all your snow outings.

    I love that you are using 'somewhat'.


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