Sunday, July 8, 2018

Guinn's Pass & Mt Kidd Outlier July 8, 2018

Am I a lost cause?  Is it called addiction?  I passed on my two hour kayak lesson this morning in favour of spending eight hours hiking.  The plan was for yesterday to hike up the new Guinn's Pass Trail to the Pass and then to the Mount Kidd Outlier high above The Pass.  Then I would enjoy my kayak lesson today.  I aborted yesterday's plan after four kilometers in due to rain, mud, thunder & lightening.  I lost all momentum, interest and motivation.  

I like to call it my passion, it's my soul savior, I desire the fresh forest, the open slopes, the wide open vistas and the feeling I feel when my summit fever is cured for the day. What a difference a day makes.  I woke wanting a redo of yesterday.  So a redo I did!

the new Guinn's Pass Trail
With the early start I had a smooth sail out the 1 and down the 40.  Choice spots were plentiful at the parking lot.  The Galatea Creek Trail to Lillian Lake gave me that fresh forest hug.  It passed by quickly over bridge, along creek, up hill, over bridge, along creek, up hill and again and then, Lillian Lake.  Five minutes was all I needed here then off beyond and up to the intersection.  This is where the new Guinn's Pass Trail begins.
WOW I love this new trail.  I already knew that I did just 10 minutes into it.  What a marvelous job the trail makers did!  Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You! The views are constant right from the start.  I liked going around the edge of the rock face in this section.
Lillian Lake
Galatea Lake
Traversing higher along the new trail and looking back to where I came from!
Traversing higher along the new trail and looking forward to where I am going!
I made it to Guinn's Pass.
I'm thankful for the blue sky and being able to see forever.
Going even higher Ribbon Lake comes into view.
As I was ascending, I could see backpackers coming up to Guinn's Pass from the Ribbon Lake side.  It looked like a grueling ascent for them and I believe my feeling about that was confirmed when they reached The Pass and let out the loudest scream of accomplishment!  See the tiny dots at The Pass?  That's them!
There was so much to enjoy about today, I felt like I was on cloud 9 or I should say in cloud 9!
My destination shot!
Yeah, thumbs up!
Well before noon still, yet my stomach felt like it was noon.  This was my lunch time view, nestled down, against the cairn, stretched out, breathing in the mountain air.  Awwww this is the life!
After lunch I puttered around the area.  I could see it all from here, Lillian Lake, Galatea Lake, and a long stretch of the new trail.  All these mountains have names and from this point I cannot tell you what is what or which is which.  I just like what I see and that is all that matters.
Pretty geology full of stories I am sure!
What's the story here?
What are the chances I would run into someone I know!  Well actually Fanny ran into me as she was running one way from Galatea Parking Lot to Ribbon Lake Parking Lot while I was well into my descent.   I hope the rest of your run went well!
I took one last look back at Fanny and her friend.
You see those dots on the trail waving?  That's them!  
What a view that I had to leave behind.  
The kayak lesson that I passed on cost me $40.00.  
Today's hike up to Mount Kidd Outlier was priceless.  
I think I made a wise choice and got quite a steal of a deal.  

Just another Super Sunday! 
What a fun day!


  1. I'm glad you got to do that hike! I chatted briefly with you in the parking lot at Galatea on the day prior, when you ended up rained out... It was nice to meet you by the way!

    1. It was nice chatting with you that day! I have been following your posts and it appears that you are having one of your best summers yet.


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