Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lake Minniwanka Magic December 27, 2017

There's a kind of winter magic out there that I knew I could find along the shore at Lake Minniwanka just outside of the Banff townsite.  It has been cold enough and there has been sufficient snow over the last while to allow the magic to happen.  With a somewhat decent temperature (that's all relative these days) and a highway showing to be green the entire stretch, the window of opportunity opened for a portion of today.  I went searching for that magic!
I exited my vehicle at the Minniwanka parking lot and the cold near took the breath out of me.  I loaded on the layers then headed down to the lake-shore.  Within a matter of a few minutes the magic began to happen.  I forgot how frigid it was and the cold no longer took my breath away,  it was the scenery that now did that.  It took laying down and being at eye level with the snow crystals to capture a shot like this.
ice ice baby, there was ice everywhere

I spent a good two hours just eyeing the ice.
In between eyeing the ice, I took time to admire the surrounding scenery.  
This shot proves I can fit right in and look like I belong.
The light created scenes that were pretty as a picture so I captured it.  
As the morning grew on and noon time approached the clouds approached closer too.  
The wind picked up and the snow began to fall.  
My window of opportunity began to close so it was time to hike back.

playing with magic

Back at my vehicle I savoured my piping hot ginger tea paired with mild gouda cheese and crackers.  Thankfully the roadways were clear enough as I left Banff National Park.  The plow was ahead on the highway and the traffic was minimal heading east.

Thank you Minniwanka for the magic show!  

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