Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lake Louise Christmas Wonderland December 20 2017

Watch what you wish for because it might come true!  My wish was for cold and snow to make the Lake Louise area a winter-wonderland.  I did not want it for Calgary on commute day to the mountains but I forgot to specify that in my wish!  I got exactly what I wished for and more.  The road reports looked frightening.  I thought just get going and take it as it comes.  Before I knew it I was safely in Banff.  Whew!  Of course, I visited a couple of favourite stores.    After that investing was accomplished, it was on to  investing time in capturing the incredible beauty that surrounded me.

It was not busy in Banff!  Really it wasn't!  I checked out the view along the Bow River from a few view different vantage points.  I had my little camera, wish I had my big one though. 

It had been years since I visited Cascade Ponds.  I saw recent photos on line and knew it would be worth it to go there.  With my big camera I hiked around the area.  It was pretty everywhere and I got dizzy spinning in circles not knowing where to look.  


As time went on I thought I better get busy and face the next section of highway. As it turned out, it got better. Whew!  I safely arrived up Lake Louise.  It was not busy at Lake Louise!  Really it wasn't!

The sun was setting as I checked into my home away from home.  The view was sweet from my balcony.   I uncorked the wine and got the fire going then settled in for a long evening nap.  It feels so good and it feels so right to be where I need to be!  Thank you for this day!

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