Sunday, December 3, 2017

Glenbow Ranch December 3, 2017

They said to see Sunday's moon!  I had it marked in my calendar so I packed the usual Sunday life's happenings into Saturday and that freed me up to head out to witness the "Cold Moon".  I picked Glenbow Ranch as the place to be.  After the moon show I could catch the sun rise and then incorporate a lengthy hike throughout the park.  The moon looked spectacular as I drove to my destination.  My preference though was to secure a different shot than just a big full orange circle and this is what I captured.  From the loads of photos I took, this was the best, a tad fuzzy but I'll take it.  
It was bitterly cold and there was no protection from the wind.  That doesn't bother me, I went on my merry way.  I headed down into the valley before ascending back up a little hill to watch the sun rise. Just before cresting the hill the colors were formulating.
the sun behind the clouds
creating a colorful sky
I know to always look behind me too because it can be just as pretty.  
In fact it was pretty & erie all at the same time.  
It was much colder in the valley bottom.
I found a spot to sit and just savoured this Sunday.
The clouds danced offering up photogenic opportunities.
I worked my way to the little pond then....
.....followed along Tiger Lily
and more shadows
The sky looked wonderful as I headed towards my car.  As I pointed my camera to capture the beauty something caught my eye.  I thought is was my glove in front of the lens so I adjusted my grip and there was that something again.  I then realized I was receiving a "kiss".  That is what I call that green cross in the bottom left of the photo.   This was my 3rd "kiss" ever and I don't know what causes that to appear.
Here are the two other "kisses" I received!

June 3, 2016 Forgetmenot Ridge

 November 26, 2016 Fox Lake

Three hours and ten kilometers later I was back at my car ready to head home for a hot chocolate.  It would only be a matter of twenty-five minutes and the milk will be in the pot beginning to warm.  How fortunate to have such a lovely Park just out my back door.   It is close enough yet far enough away to afford me that get-away from it all feeling.

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