Sunday, March 6, 2016

Prairie Mountain GOOD THING that.....

.....I have hiked to the summit of Prairie Mountain many times!

Also, it's a good thing I know you go prepared for everything when you head out to play in the mountains. I planned to hike lite today but still loaded all the extra gear in my car as that has become a habit to do so.  Conditions were a snowy whiteout as I arrived at the gate so made use of that extra gear then went on my way.  While it was snowy, I could still see my way as I ascended up and up and up.  My microspikes performed perfectly on the steep, slick, icy slopes.  

I arrived to the open where you could not see forever today.  
I knew there were two folks ahead of me, and not that for ahead.  I knew too, the summit cairn and flag were very close but I could see nothing in the very close distance.  I was closer than I thought when the couple appeared just like that. 

We exchanged pleasantries then I continued with my ascent while they began their descent.  I saw them disappear just like that.   It was eerie and surreal at the same time, to be up here in conditions like this which was a first for me.  It was a good thing I had been here before and saw the sights to be seen. 
today's summit shot on Prairie Mountain
The hike up here today was all about getting exercise and getting high.  After securing my destination shot, I made an about turn and worked my way off the summit. I was thankful for the footprints to follow.  The visibility was so thick now that I could not make out my surroundings.   The trees appeared as I reached them, I made sure to stay clear away from the edge or at least I thought I was clear away, who knows, I could not see the edge.  
Safely back into the forest and the not so safe steep ice slope, I gingerly worked my way down sticking to the sides of the ice where I could get a grip on ground.  I made my out of the fog and into the light of day.  Whew!  I looked back to see the line between visible and invisible.

After all the times I have been up to the summit here, few are memorable for being the best such as spending the night one August watching the Persieds Meteor Shower which was out of this world, my first Prairie Mountain Summit which was a confidence builder, hiking through the thick cloud to come out above them where you could see forever making me feel like I was on top of the world, and then this day that seemed so surreal.  


  1. Whiteouts are scary! I was just on one recently and we did not know the area. I almost began to panic. But then realized I was carrying a sleeping bag and layers. It's good to bring extra stuff.

  2. Your jacket and Canadian flag are made for whiteouts.
    When you know you are safe, there is something very special about a whiteout.


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