Saturday, March 5, 2016

a Banff Day the Old Way

I admit a day like today should have happened long before it did.   
It was effortless to plan and put into place.  
It was a day of laughter & love.
It was a trip to treasure.

We shared a Banff day the old way.  Back in the day, day trips north, south, east and west occurred on a regular basis.  They were cherished times with many memories made.  Life happens, focus switches,  hours fill, days go on 365 after 365 after 365.  One day perspective is put in place and I realize it's time to reconnect, alter, revisit, adjust.  The tried & true will be there through & through. It's forever friendships that I am thankful for.   Long phone calls with some,  lengthy lunches with others, multitude of messages too and then there is sharing a Banff Day the Old Way.  
we painted Banff Avenue
The very first store we entered, a work of art caught my eye.  I admired it and moved along.  I went back to eye it again loving the vibrant colors and what it portrayed.  He appears to be raising his arms in celebration of reaching a summit where there is an amazing view.  How fitting!  After examing it closer then checking the back and seeing the title of this work is "Top of the World", the deal was sealed.  
We found a perfect place to settled in for lunch.  After wine and laughter, soup & salad, tacos & fries,  we then continued on with our day, shopping a little more and then a pick me up latte.  There already was lots to love about today and we still had some sights to see.
We made the short drive over to Lake Minniwanka which was a happening place at this time of the day.  It seems early in the season for the Lake to be breaking up and the ice formations to be appearing.  It was a photograper's dream and I took advantage.  
my feeling is the days are numbered for safely capturing photographers here 
close up & far away
thousands of ice slices
As the late afternoon drew to a close and we saw unfavourable weather approaching, we worked our way back to the car.  The lighting was pretty in this direction and I liked how the blue in the sky and the white on the peak reflected in the lake.    It was bright and cheerful which accurately describes the whole day.
 "Remember to breathe" took on a whole new meaning for me today!
There is so much to be thankful for!


  1. Banff is a beautiful town. I'm glad you got to spend some time with friends there!

  2. I can hear your laughter and fun.
    That painting definitely belongs to you.
    Your Lake Minniwanka photos are breath taking.


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