Friday, March 25, 2016

Glenbow Ranch Celebrating Friday

This was a day I was determined to make sure I had something to show for it.  It was like a gift, the beginning of the Easter Celebration for me, an additional day away from the office, and an ideal forecast to be out & about.  Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a great escape that is so close but yet so far.   Rumors were spreading that spring was a surefire thing already found here out in the foothills.  

I came prepared for a long hike.
With a sky "beautiful & blue",  clouds "wispy & white",  ground "bare & brown", it felt springy.
I hiked along Tiger Lily, Badger Bowl, McPherson, Bow Bend, Bow River and Glenbow Trails.   
Hiking along the Bow River Loop offers very up close views of spring.
The snow & ice are disappearing, the river is running.
along the way the wildlife play 
Throughout Glenbow Ranch, there are numerous picnic places.  Already well along nearing about the 13 to 14 kilometer mark and nearing noon, I picked the table that had a pretty view west.  The mountains were not visible today but what was closer west was well worthy of taking time to admire.
fences offer that western ranch-like feel
While bending down to capture a shot of one of those big beautiful boulders, out of the corner of my eye, I spied that surefire spring sign. Nestled in the ground cover and on the brink of opening, there was the sign, there was spring, a crocus!  The delicate crocus was covered in dew with a water drop on the side.  This was my confirmation that proved that rumor true.
Easter in the air!
My last visit to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park was back in 2014.  
I noticed many signs of improvement and opportunities to learn.  
Now into the early afternoon and covering more ground than I had planned, I aimed for the trail that heads up out of the Ranch bottom.  More and more folks were now out & about taking advantage of today's gift.  
Spring has sprung!  
It's true!
I found it an unwrapped it!
Thank you for this gift!


  1. I was in Cochrane yesterday to meet up with a friend for lunch and drove by the Park exit considering a walk.... but the nasty dark sky and the flurries clouded my mood. We might have met if I decided to take the walk.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Ute, I was there all morning and left in the very early afternoon. I saw those clouds coming in from the west and I believe I got out of there just in time. We should get together for a photography outing sometime!

  2. Happy Easter. Such a special beginning. I just love your collages.

    1. Hope your Easter was nice Helen! Spring feels like a time to make resolutions instead of on New Year's Day.

  3. Hooray for Friday! And Easter too.


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