Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Palm Springs Day 4 Mission Creek Preserve

When I came to Palm Springs back in November of 2014, I visited the Whitewater Preserve which had sections of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to hike along.  The scenery was spectacular and I felt right at home in this "wild" place.  At the high point which was my turn-around spot, I eyed what was below on the other side and thought oh how I want to be down there.  Today I went to that wide open space with vast vistas.  It's called Mission Creek Preserve and it would offer me another opportunity to experience a little more "Wild".
I parked at the locked gate and hiked the two kilometres up the road to where the actual trail began. These two klicks were a tease.  This section is just a means to the trailhead yet I was wowed already with views like this.
At the two kilometer mark you arrive at The Stonehoise.  Some folks make this their destination.  It is a wonderful picnic place, with many tables.  You can arrange with Preserve People beforehand to get access through the gate and park here. I took a couple of minutes to snack, layer down and snap some shots.
                                   Then it was time to hit the main trail....
                                                 .....and seek some wild!
                                   This was the scenery I was in search off.   
At the end of the valley bottom, I arrived at the intersection for the Pacific Crest Trail.  I wanted to head in both directions to Mexico and Canada.  I aimed for Mexico first and climbed up and up and up.  This was my high point on this south section of the PCT.  Actually, this was also my high point when I came from the other direction back in 2014.  
Looking down into the Whitewater Preserve and where I hiked back in November of 2014.  I now have my connection along the PCT joining the Mission Creek Preserve to Whitewater Preserve.
After taking it all in, I did a turn about and then aimed for Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.
Now heading north and well along the trail, I really felt right where I needed to be and then just let me be me.  
I released sigh after sigh and then some more sighs.  The scenery left me speechless.  Seeing the snow capped peaks in the far off lands while standing here in the desert heat, was an amazing sight and created such a feeling.  So then, no words, just sighs!
While there are warnings for there possibly being black bears and mountain lions around, all I saw were birds like these.....
                                                      .....and like these.
After covering a portion of the north section of the PCT, I retuned and made my way back to the valley bottom and followed the trail.....
         .....back to The Stonehouse where I took a well deserved rest on the front porch.
Then I just had the two kilometer hike along the road left to complete. As I was nearing the end of it, I took one more glance back to where I just created some wonderful memories to cherish.  These two kms took no time at all to cover, I passed through the gate and arrived back at my car away from home car.  
During the drive home, and already reliving today's hike, I was reminded how it could have happened that I left a piece of my heart here back in 2014.  Being in this place feels so good and it feels so right!



  1. Wonderful wide-open scenery! I've hiked many portions of the Oregon and Washington PCT but never anything in California.

    1. Some day I would like to hike portions of the PCT in Oregon and Washington.

  2. Amazing crystal clear blue skies and I can almost breathe in the fresh air.
    I love the birds. I hadn't thought of bears and desert together.


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