Sunday, February 28, 2016

Prairie View Lookout February - nice brings ice

With February ending like a lamb, whatever I choose to do I knew would involve ice. I have more control hiking on ice than I do X-C Skiing on ice so I headed to the basement to retrieve some hiking gear with intentions of enjoying this Sunday hiking to the Barrier Lake Lookout.  When this morning came, my motivation level was near an all time low.  I himmmed & hawwwed!  I waffled & wavered!  Yes!  No!  Yes!  No!  When all was said and done, I worked my way out the front door and was on my way.    

Today very easily could have been a chasing photos day, the opportunities were there. 
like here - at the turnoff to where life begins - Highway 40 
A couple of vehicles were in the lot before me but not a soul in sight other than the conservation officers.  I wondered why they were hanging around here and even driving beyond the gate.  (Later I saw them handing out tickets to all the owners with dogs off leash.)  The sky was wild when I looked back at the view before heading toward the forest.
icy reflection
The ice started soon.
time to combat that
this traction device is my confidence in these conditions
I made it to this view spot and admired it for a few mere seconds before carrying on.
a little monkey business
I reached the rocky ridge at Prairie View Lookout.  Having to contend with sheer ice on the steep sections, I already knew this would be my high point for the day.  I have been to the Lookout before and the iced up trail made it not worth it to carry on today.  I found a spot with a view to enjoy my snack and sip my beverage.  
my destination shot
This was such a pretty place to be today.  It's simple to endure the chilliness when the sun is shining down and the sky is blue and the clouds are how I like them and there is no wind to contend with.  I passed the time just sitting and just being, it was just like being at home.  Well, home is where the heart is and my heart was here today. 
The descent was quick with the confidence of spikes on my soles.  Many folks were now heading up, some trying to find a safe way, others sharing the level of confidence I had which was good to see.  Nearing the end, I took a look back to see where I was and to admire everything one more time.  
I have completed this hike many times in the past, at times more beautiful and other times more fun.  But, there was something special about hiking here today and I believe it was that this time around I appreciated it the most.  Thank you for today!

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  1. What lovely blue skies! Yeah, microspikes are the bomb for icy hiking aren't they?


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