Sunday, February 21, 2016

Upper & Lower Telemark Great Divide.....and yet again.....

.....I was fortunate enough to experience another fabulous day on the X-C Ski trails in and around and up and down the Lake Louise area.  For the kind of trails and conditions I like, this area is my only option as we work our way through an unusually warm and dry February.   Snow did fall prior which had some tracks over top and I went early enough to enjoy the coolness and crispness in the air.  

shadows are for sure on this kind of day
I began at the trail head for The Great Divide but turned left at the first intersection to get the biggest uphills done early and when I was at my strongest.  I carried on further and in another direction in this area to gain a different vantage point of the ranch.  I envisioned myself sitting by a wood fire, by a window, sipping a coffee, enjoying a view.
After some time on the tracks up top, I aimed for down and it was quick.  Good that I owned it so I  could freely fly to the bottom.   The wide open untouched meadows looked pretty and at times I caught myself wishing I had my snowshoes on and was forging my way along breaking trail to where ever.  
yes shadows are for sure on a day like this
As usual, the dog-sled teams were running, today they ran the meadow track.  
The Upper Telemark had the best views today so that is where I opted for my X-C Ski Spot Shot. 
pillowy shadowy 
As the morning minutes went on, the shadows got longer.  The tracks were slicker on the Lower Telemark and that made for fun & fast.  I realized I probably did not need that glide on my tips & tails.  I completed the full stretch of the Lower Telemark and popped back out up on The Great Divide.  
The groomers had completed some work but other work was still in progress.  As late morning approached many folks were enjoying a little Great D.  It was nice to see you D.W. and I hope you get to put loads of kilometres on your new X-C Skis.  I look forward to sharing trail time with you once hiking season is back into full swing.  

 shadows are for sure 
no matter how big or how small 
in and around and up and down the Lake Louise area
In the few years that I have been X-C Skiing, this year has been the most enjoyable.  The trail conditions have been the best since I started this sport.  Like anything, practice makes perfect.  While I have not made perfect, I sure have made progress.   I will continue to hope for more snow and more cold so I can cover more kilometers.  I am still in winter mind & mode and not ready to make nice with my hiking boots or hiking trails quite yet.  I may need to pair up with my snowshoe equipment to maintain that winter fix I am still seeking.


  1. I had been thinking that this had been a warmer winter and watching the web cam have seen a need for more snow. Fingers crossed.
    I love your shadow theme. Your 'big and small' shot is special. I'm curious to know how you set the timer and took your X-C ski spot shot? No footprints as you rush to get into place.

    1. Helen, it's 30 seconds on the timer which is loads of time and as you can see I skied from the left to the spot where I stood.

    2. My timer is only 10 secs. 30 would make a lot of difference.

    3. Do you have an option to custom set it at 30 seconds?

  2. This has been the best winter for skiing here also. I struggle between picking snowshoes or skis, but since we have no groomed trails I often flounder off in the meadows with skis. It's not fast, but fun.


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