Friday, June 5, 2015

spending the night

I had been looking forward to this day for what seems like eons but really it has only been short of two years.  I had to cancel my car camping plans that were in place last year after ending up with only one fully functioning arm for the entire camping season.  I booked this long weekend well in advance to make sure I got my exact location preference, then just waited it out all the while keeping my fingers crossed for ideal conditions.  This would also be the opportunity to truly test out my new Talus.  I did give it a whirl in my living room one night.  

Today arrived with a stellar forecast so I left home early to take advantage of this glorious day along the way to my site.  Having "been there done that" I opted to add a twist on my visits along the way this time.  My objective was to capture Barrier Lake and Upper Kananaskis Lake from different vantage points then I normally do.

I arrived at Barrier Lake mid morning and it was already very warm.  Instead of heading towards the dam, I aimed for the opposite direction.  The Lake is low enough and made for easy circumnavigating. It was so still, so calm, so peaceful, so pretty, so perfect.  I never get tired of this view.
Next I made my way to Upper Kananaskis Lake.  This was my lunch time view and my plan was to make my way to the end of that peninsula ahead just to the left of that left tree stump. Whenever I was in this area I would say I want to go out there, so finally I did.
I had to skirt to my right and cross the dam first, then find a short trail past the rocky bouldery slope that would get me on my way.  It was nice to see the Lake in a whole new light.  
I reached the peninsula and spent time exploring it.  I was surprised to find this sitting out there.   It had a fire pit at the bottom and looked like it had been recently used.  There were other spots out here too where fires had been.  I wonder if people spend the night.
This is my favourite view from near the end of the peninsula looking back to the right from where I came.  I think I need to bring my lunch out here one day and let this be my lunch time view. 
And yet another different view of the Upper Kananaskis Lake and mountain range than I have ever seen before,  I even captured a teeny tiny crashing wave.  See it?
Then the time came for what I had been waiting for.  
While check in time is 4:00, I was permitted to check in at 2:15.  
I found the perfect spot for my Talus and I had it up in no time.       
    I got my gear into it then propped open the door so it could fill with mountain air.  
I wined and dined, then thoroughly enjoyed sitting by the campfire while the sun set.  When my day was done, my night began, I was finally spending the night in my mountain playground.                                                   
This is the life!

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