Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ha Ling Ending May on a High Note

Fancy that!  The nicer of the two days was today, the very last day of May, so that made it easy to come up with a story to fit my blog post title "Ending May on a High Note"!  You see, sometimes I pick a title first before I even head out for the day, and then I build a story around it.  

I was up and at it early today and like so many times before when I said I was glad I went early, today was no different.   There were only a few cars in the Ha Ling Peak parking lot when I arrived.  I met the majority of those on my way up, they were running down.  On my way down I swear I passed about 200 folks and 30 dogs who were all heading up.  That peak is not big enough to accommodate that many people and I would not want to have been there when they all were. 

This was my third time for this Peak.  Driving up the Three Sisters Parkway, I like to pull over and take a minute to check out my destination which is the top of the bump on the right.   It was looking to be an ideal day to get high.  
After crossing the road and getting up that first little dirt hill, the view becomes amazing already.  
The early morning calm allowed for a stupendous reflection.  
a tease through the trees
It was early and it was warm already even in the shade of the trees.  As I worked my way towards the end of the trees, the views opened up and the wind picked up.  That wind was refreshing and made for an easier job of the steep steep climb.  
above tree line
looking back down in the valley
I reached the summit of Ha Ling Peak where it was bitterly cold and a tad windy. That never bothers me much so after I got my summit shot secured, I settled down to dine and devour the view.   I shared the summit with one gentleman and three ladies for a few minutes.  The ladies left shortly after I arrived and the gentleman chatted me up for a few minutes then he departed.  
looking towards Miners Peak and Mount Lawrence Grassi 
Canmore below
I choose this as my dining spot.
looking towards the East End of Rundle
After dining, devouring the view, taking time to "remember to breathe" and appreciating having a magnificent day to "End May on a High Note", I then packed up and began the descent.  A few times I used my hands for support and for another very short section,  I preferred to shimmy down on my rear.  I was doing every possible to make sure this day did end on a high note and it certainly did.

Well, good-bye May! 
I'm excited for June!  
Stay tuned!    

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome last day of May. Definitely staying tuned for June.


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