Sunday, June 7, 2015

the early bird catches......


This would be the morning to catch the sunrise down by Lower Kananaskis Lake.  Just like I told you yesterday, once again last night I fell asleep as the sun set and woke before sunrise.  I did nothing but layer up, stop at the washroom then drive the 5 minutes to where I knew it would be perfect.  On the way there, I liked how the pink reflected in the brook in the bottom left.  
Then, there is was perfect... 
...and I like it like that!
On my drive from the Lower Lake to the Upper Lake, a grizzly bear darted out of the bush and ran in front of my car.   It was big and beautiful and left me in awe, just like this reflection shot.  Big!  Beautiful!  WOW!
After capturing the sunrise, I went back to my campsite for coffee and breakfast and to dismantle my dwellings.  That whole process took about two hours, I was in no rush.  When all that was said and done, I went back down to Upper Kananaskis Lake to fulfill a wish I made to myself when I was down that way on Friday.  Today I would do lunch out on the very end of that peninsula.  The scenery to get there was glorious.  It was early enough the water was still calm and not too too many folks were around.
my destination shot on the middle of the peninsula
A boat sped by and created this ripple.
I picked a high point on the very end for my dining spot.  It's the same Lake but from this angle it looks green.  You can see the waterfalls which is that white spot in the centre down by the water. I loved this spot.  It is definitely worth incorporating into a hike up to Rawson Lake or into your hike around the Upper Kananaskis Lake.  
The time was approaching where I had to give in and head back to my car for the drive back to reality.  I caught the beautiful sunrise, saw the awesome grizzly bear, captured reflections, owned the peninsula and witnessed this bluer than blue in the Lake all because I was an early bird.  
I could not have hoped for this long weekend to be any better than it was!
I am grateful, thankful, appreciate!  You get my point!


  1. Beautiful sunrise and reflection shots!

  2. What a perfectly, wonderful, weekend camping! Glorious sun rises, towering snow capped mountains, stunning blue skies,
    superb reflections and a camp fire to boot. Life can't get better than that!
    Just loved your camp fire trial shot.


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