Sunday, May 17, 2015

Drumheller in a desert state of mind

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After all that rainy day thinking and planning yesterday, I got myself into a desert state of mind that I could not shake.  I wanted to "be all there" and one of the only desert-like places in my area is Horseshoe Canyon a mere one hour drive from my front door. This morning I went there to hike so I could "be all there" in a desert state of mind and body that is.  I also needed to make sure I came home from today's hike all in one piece. Today is that one year anniversary!

There was one other vehicle in the parking lot when I arrived and no one to be seen but this guy.  I know coyotes are suppose to be more afraid of me than me of them but from this guys behaviour, I was not sure of his intention.  I waited in my car for about 20 minutes until he went on his way.
The steep slope to the canyon bottom was very slippery, my poles were a welcome addition to my gear.  The early morning lighting and fluffy clouds both combined amazingly with the landscape to make this place a photographers dream.  This was my first view up after safely arriving at the base of Horseshoe Canyon.  
beautiful badlands
It was cold but not windy.  I needed my jacket and gloves which were both quite dirty already.  I slipped a bit in a muddy section.  Picking myself up, I then noticed who belonged to that vehicle in the lot.  A solo photographer had a gigantic lens pointed directly at me.  He caught my fall.   Then I gave him a nice show, I scrambled onto a ridge top and posed my pose.  Here you go guy!
rock of ages
I found the inukshuk field. 
The bottom of this canyon is an explorers paradise.  I did so many 360 degree turns I was getting dizzy.  I didn't know where to look or where to go, so I just went on being in this desert state of mind and body.  I could see folks up on the rim but no one else had ventured down in.  I was owning it.
I set up my camera to take a destination shot beside the inukshuk in the bottom left.  When I looked through my lens to see if I had it set correctly, I saw the coyote looking at me.  I grabbed the shot, then yelled and banged my poles together.  He took off down the backside of that formation.
then I took my destination shot
I continued on my way meandering here and there. I was curious what was around every corner.  Each time I went around a corner, there was another amazing scene.  The clouds danced through the blue sky just kissing the tops of the canyon rim.  
from top to bottom
there was no denying 
the beauty
of it all
After a few hours, I was ready to leave the bottom and aim for the rim.  It was still chilly yet the ground was becoming softer and I was concerned about getting back up that steep slippery slope. Before tackling that, I grabbed one last photograph to firmly etch in that desert state of mind.  
Back on the rim, I picked a picnic table, bundled up and savoured the scenery and lunch.  Horseshoe Canyon is such a spectacular place.  There is another Canyon called Horsethief Canyon that is on the other side of Drumheller.  I have added that to my list of places to go and "be all there".  

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  1. Nature is truly spectacular in all her forms. Sky, badlands, flora and fauna. That was one impressive coyote.
    I also experienced that 'just around the corner' a new amazing scene yesterday, in our Botanical gardens that I have visited so many times, but not for some time. It's development totally blew me away.


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