Saturday, February 21, 2015

Worth the Wait

This snowshoe trip to Boulder Pass & Ptarmigan Lake was long in the making, beginning back during the winter of 2013/2014.  This is one of those places that can appear to be "out of this world" if your arrival time is impeccable.  With our persistent patience we waited, and then the stars finally aligned.  Today was the day!  We did everything in our control to give ourselves the best chance possible to make today happen and it began with an early morning start from the City.

With our snowshoes and crazy carpets strapped to our packs, we made great time micro-spiking our way up the 4km fire road.  When the views opened, we could see the Lake Louise Ski Slopes we would have to safely traverse.  The slopes were busy today, so there was lots of dodging, running, stopping, yelling going on.  I swear the skiers & boarders purposely terrorized us!
The winter route to Boulder Pass is different than the other seasons' route.  Seeing the Hut to our left, we donned our snowshoes and aimed for it.  We worked our way up the steep hill to where the open door was inviting us to come on in.  We settled down to dine.
Freezing yet fueled, we headed back out realizing it was warmer outside The Halfway Hut than it was inside The Hut.  Following our track down that steep slope, we then crossed over this beautiful meadow.  It was beginning to feel surreal and appear like heaven on earth.   
We got back to the marked winter trail.
 I looked back to see Mount Temple.
We climbed up to Boulder Pass and took time to "remember to breathe".  
Making Waves, Nikita, Short Stop, Flying Finn
This section of today's trek appeared exactly how I hoped it would.
Playing it smart right from the get-go in giving ourselves that best chance possible to make today happen, it now all came to fruition.  We passed up through Boulder Pass and came out the other end to see Ptarmigan Lake down below.  It was an "out of this world" sight!  We admired it from afar then.....
.....snowshoed down to it.
Next, we followed the red markers out..... a wide open space.....
.....with a 360 degree view!

my destination shot 
With my pack & poles dropped, I stated I was taking time to play.   My thinking was it is not cold, it is not windy, the sky is blue, the sun is out,  I am going to play!  Then just like that, we were all playing.   I was happy my friends were game to join in.

we played
and played
and played
and played some more
After going through our second childhood, we geared up and headed off.  I kept looking back then took one final look back at Ptarmigan Lake to capture this beautiful second in time. Then it was time to focus on what was in front and make the return trek.
the landscape appeared 
desolate & pretty
Mount Temple came into view along with some of the Peaks from The Valley of Ten Peaks
We decided to forego another visit to The Halfway Hut and passed by it.  
We did stop to enjoy the view and admire how The Hut sits in such a beautiful spot.  
We headed back into the forest, and then dodged the boarders & skiers again, this time though it was even busier and more of a challenge to safely get to the other side of each slope.  Arriving at the beginning of the fire road, I pulled out my crazy carpet and made my way quickly down long wide gently sloped sections.  

Today turned out being grandeur than I expected. 
I felt like I was "on top of the world"!
It was worth the wait! 


  1. I need to go snowshoeing with you some time. It always looks like you have so much fun!

    1. Get a bunch of like-minded ladies together and there is never a dull moment! Your adventures seem to be full of life and spirited too which is what we welcome!

  2. Good to meet you at the parking lot on Saturday and see that you had a beautiful time at Boulder Pass. You have some very good photos both of this trip and others. The vibrant red and blue colours help, so much more exciting than boring MEC black. The entire Ptarmigan/Redoubt/Baker Lake area is one of my favourite year round. Hope to see you again somewhere. You sound crazy enough to fit right in with the Rambler crowd. Have you considered joining? Only $25/year. David (RMRA coordinator)

    1. Thank you David for dropping by for a visit and leaving your comment. I love that area in there and want to venture in even further come summertime.


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