Monday, February 16, 2015

for sure certain

While I absolutely loved everything about snowshoeing on Valentine's Day near Lake Louise, I missed not sharing time with a new developing love of mine, X-C Skiing.  After finding out that Moraine Lake Road was just groomed yesterday, then seeing the temperature would be cold in that area today, I was for sure certain, I could have another day full of love.  I hit the highway early, and the two hour drive flew by.  This was the bluebird day I needed and was excited to get my skis on go.

Then go I did! 
No sticking, just gliding!
No frowning, just smiling!
No doubting, I was
for sure certain
I would make it to The Viewpoint!
under a blue sky with sunshine
a beautiful frosty cold day
I read about the fat tire bikes that paid a visit along the route yesterday.  
This is the evidence.
In the 3 hours & 32 minutes of skiing I did today, not a bike was to be seen.
While I have been trying to focus more on my ski technique then on picture taking, I am not having success.  When I see scenes like this, I have to capture it.  I do miss my SX 40 on ski outings and have been trying to make do with my 115 IS and be content with its outcome.  Having skied this track  on Feb 7th, I know when I get to this section, I am almost there!  I am for sure certain of that!
This is that view I needed to see on a bluebird day.   I arrived here two hours after leaving the parking lot.  I was first here today and owned The Viewpoint for my entire 20 minute visit.  The view of the Peaks lining the Valley of Ten Peaks left me speechless, well there was no one to talk to anyway.  I did utter "WOW"!  I took in the view, soaked up a little sun, sipped my drink then.... 
....captured my destination shot...
I was for sure certain it would be a quick trip back down to my car.  The stars were aligning for a fast track.  With seeing The Viewpoint on a day like this being what I was most excited for, coming in second was the long downhill sections where I could fly.  And fly I did!  My timing was perfect because as I was flying down, loads of folks were skiing up.  

I arrived back to an over flowing parking lot.  
Everyone was wanting what I just enjoyed. 

I was tickled pink with today's accomplishment.  My pace was more steady, I could go further longer, I had full control on the fast downhills, all this and I could still admire the views.  It is for sure certain that this relationship has worked its way to a comfortable place.  Today I opened up and gave a little more of myself.  I wasn't scared to and I didn't get hurt!  

From like to loke, to do I dare say love!   
Yes!  I am for sure certain of that!

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  1. The early bird is most certainly rewarded. I'm glad you took time out to take pics, especially that of your hair.
    Congratulations on your fantastic progress with the X skies.


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