Saturday, February 28, 2015


Through the mid week's morning ride shuffle, "Unwritten" played.  This song from a few years back was a favourite at the time and it has been ages since it's turn came up.  It really resonated with me this time around,  so much so that the words spun into a new meaning for me which was so very, very clear.  Each time I head "out & about",  I feel I am presented with a blank page to begin a new story.

"today is where our book begins"

"staring at the blank page before us"

With such a vista as this, I see it as our blank page that we are presented with once we open the cover.
I want to "reach for something in the distance" which seems "so close you can almost taste it".  

"we're just beginning"
"the pen's in our hands"
"ending unplanned"

We four friends gathered together, all on the same page, and we let our story unfold! 

We opened up the cover to the blank page at the Lake O'Hara parking lot shortly before 9:00am.  Our gear up time was quick as to stay warm in a bitter cold temperature.  We opted to head up the road which would be work to warm us up and where there would be shelter to protect us from the wind.  
We veered off the road after a couple of kilometers to head towards Ross Lake.  It wasn't the prettiest snow nor scenery in the forest, so with no reasons to be stopping we made decent time in arriving at the Lake.  While the sun was beginning to peak above the surrounding mountain peaks, Ross Lake was still in the dark shadows and made for a rather cold setting.  We had a quick visit, then continued on with our story.
We arrived onto the Great Divide to a multitude of  paw prints everywhere.  What do these belong to?  It was unnerving, some were old, others appeared brand new.  For quite a stretch, I paid particular attention to our surroundings.  
It felt grand to now be out in the open!
sunshine & warmth
"let the sun illuminate the words that we could not find"
We arrived at the picnic shelter as the sun shone down on it.  
It was dining time in the sunshine.
While spending the morning in British Columbia and refueling there, 
we were now ready to move into Alberta for a couple of hours 
and carry on writing our day's story.  
Alberta was where we felt at home.  We were illuminated by the sun and felt energized.  Once we made it up that big hill, we went off track, through a short forest stretch and found a magical meadow.  This area appeared as another blank page and we had all the right stuff to fill it with.
our story was making great progress with being written
After about 50 minutes or so of filling blank pages by living outside the lines, at this magical meadow, we took a few more minutes to catch our breath, layer down under the warmth of the sun and have a snack & drink.  We decided this would be our turn around point, as we still had another area or two to visit on our return trip to the trail head.    
we smiled on Summit Lake
from Sink Lake we admired "Canadiana" 
a long train bottom framing a mountain vista
Yes!  How fortunate are we!
Oh Canada!
It's now time to put the pen down 
because our story is
I'm looking forward to another blank page and
"reaching for something in the distance"!

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  1. Totally awesome. The 'west' might be low on snow falls, but you manage to find magical places to explore and play in.


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