Monday, August 4, 2014

test & play day

I put today aside to be the day I get "out & about" taking the time to begin the breaking in of my new Styngers, being outside walking for an extended period without the wrist lacer and paying more attention to what I am snapping photos off.  This trio is best suited to be accomplished when I am on my own and can take as much time as needed whenever.  The time was right and the weather was conducive so I headed off to Glenbow Ranch just 25 minutes west of me.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Asolo Styngers and they are my tried & true go to hiking shoe.  This is my sixth pair over the years and I was so happy to see they now come in a color other than browny earth tones.  I have had success with this style but still always go for a couple of shorter test hikes to break them in.  I declare they are now good to go the distance, whatever that may be.          
At home, the wrist lacer spends loads of time on the coffee table, at work I have been removing it for short periods of time.  On the trails, it has been on full time with full force.  The paved, gravel & dirt trails at Glenbow Ranch are the kind where I felt safe to let my bare arm breathe, catch some rays, swing free and just be. This is the good side of my arm.  Some friends have seen the bad side.  I'll share that another time with you.
Prime wildflower time at The Ranch passed by a short while ago.  
Some petals were still thriving nicely affording me some pretty close ups & macros.  
Flower shots are not my speciality.
They take patience to shoot.
Time was not of the essance today.
So I took lots of it.
To get this!
It pays to sit to be more steady.
My favourites are vistas of all kinds.  I find at times when I am on official hikes, I tend to race my picture taking part of the adventures.  My camera can be a point & shoot and that is what I end up doing but it has much more capability than that.  Like with taking photos of the flowers, I had all the time in the world, so no pointing & shooting today.  

I remembered to turn my polarizer.
I worked with the lighting.
I played with angles.
I oogled for fine composition.

I had a triumphant trio today!  

My Styngers are ready for many miles!
The freedom my arm felt did wonders for it! 
Fab photos if I do say so myself!

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