Sunday, August 17, 2014

escape to freedom

My charge this weekend landed me east of the city.  After completion, I was released and instead of heading home, I took a country-side detour and ended up slipping in the backside of Kananaskis.  It was early enough, I could make a quiet escape owning the road and driving free.  I always acknowledge my freedom & fortune. Today I gave each extra credit. 

Views today appeared to have added touches.

I see rays coming through a soft shade of peachy/rose.

the mountain top looks to be bursting its bubble

 say it isn't so but seems like end of summer shades

sparkly dew drops

such contrast between green & gray
so similar is the reflection 
Before heading home, I stopped by Wedge Pond for a few minutes to lap up some lasting scenery.  While I sit here, my sister & her husband should be finishing up their weekend escape.       
I enjoyed being in charge of their pet for the weekend.  After locking up and leaving from their place, I was able to hook up with Stoney Trail, head southwest and arrive in Longview long before the tourists and trailers and travellers.  I completed the loop from that end out to the #1, the first time I did since June of 2013 when the area was flooded with devastation.  

My Sunday!
 A fun day! 

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