Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fabulously Fulfilling Feast

When I hiked into this area last September during the larch performance, and we caught a glimpse of the Skoki Lake down below, I knew I wanted to come back in a summer month to experience an alternate showing of the same area.  Seeing as this summer's hiking theme is turning into a "going back and seeing collection", I decided today would be the day to add the hike in the Skoki area to that collection.  I was happy to have fun friends on board so off we went, up the 4km of fire road.  Just get that done, easily & quickly.  Knowing what is to come makes that road portion of the day bearable.       

...and then it begins...
After the fire road, then taking time to admire the glorious fireweed, we arrived at the Halfway Hut.  The door was ajar like an open invitation, so we went in and paid a visit long enough for a quick big snack break.  I guess you could say we dined & dashed, ate & ran.
view through the valley from the Halfway Hut
There is such a variety of landscapes in this vicinity.  
We went from green lushness to the dark rough and ruggedness of Boulder Pass.   
On the other side of Boulder Pass is Ptarmigan Lake.  
It is a wonderful destination all on its own.  
As you circumnavigate it, the various views begin to build.  

flower frame
reflection section
wide and wonderful
pink & pretty 
As we skirted the shore, we watched for a cairn which would mark our way to begin ascending to Packer's Pass which is that dip below the lowest blue cloud.  To the right of that Peak (Packer's Peak) in the middle is Deception Pass.  The trail we followed was defined, gradual in elevation gain, spongy, and the trip up went by easily.  I was so curious to find out what was waiting for us as we crested the top.
I could not believe what was right before my eyes!
Zigadenus Lake is one of the Skoki Lakes.  This was what I saw back on that day in September of last year, but then it looked nothing like this.  WOW!  HOLY!  UNBELIEVABLE!  This has got to be one of the most beautiful lakes I have laid my eyes upon.  What a feast!
This is a close up of the white speck on the far left in the above picture.
This was our lunch time view.  
We spent just short of hour here.
Not wanting to leave but having to get on with our day, we ascended back up to Packer's Pass.  From there we had an amazing full view of Ptarmigan Lake below us, which was now where we were descending to.
...looking back on the way down...
...back at Boulder Pass...
After a quick visit back at the Halfway Hut, we hit the trail to head home.  
The clouds danced over Mount Temple, never giving us a clear view of her peak.  
Before arriving at the fireroad, I stopped for this one last look.  
What a truly beautiful area this is, and how lucky are we to have it in our backyard.  It is vast with many more directions to veer off and explore.  I like that it's not a busy area, and the variety of colors, formations, landscapes makes it spicy.  For all those reasons you gotta know that I will be back!

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  1. Having returned from our travels to the east coast of America last week, I managed to find time today to immerse myself in your adventures of the past weeks. As aways stunning and a fabulous read. The colours of the lakes, mountains, wildflowers and your exuberance, enjoyment and appreciation of them.
    We had a fantastic time exploring New England but in the end the forests were overpowering. So dense and constant but I would like to see them in their autumn colours. Your neck of the woods has so much more to offer. Happy hiking!


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