Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lots at the Lookout

Kananaskis Fire Lookout
Five Fun Folks
Live Love Laugh

An ideal day to snowshoe to the Kananaskis Fire Lookout would be when the forecast calls for a blue sky with delightful degrees.  Today would be that day! Five of us bought into the destination and mission.  Arriving early at the parking lot, we owned it and we owned the trail all the way to the top. 
(reminder clicking on any photo will enlarge it for better viewing)

We made our way along Whiskey Jack to the intersection and to where the views began.  The sun was  beginning to peek through the trees and now that we were higher up, we noticed the low lying clouds being blown by a strong wind.

The Lookout Trail appeared newly groomed.

That push up Lookout Trail seemed never ending so when finally spotting the Fire Lookout, that yell of excitement was called for.  The open area was nicely plowed but we choose to get into the deeper stuff and make our way to the Tower.   There was lots to see at the Lookout and it began with the mailbox which we all signed on the way down.

the picnic table

the weather vane

the Kananaskis Fire Lookout

the whiskey jack

After taking in many of the sights, I went for the perfect spot to capture my summit shot.  I supported myself against the clothes line having a perfect tree to my side, the clouds below me and a wonderful view of Upper & Lower Kananaskis Lakes all surrounded by those snow covered peaks.

view from the the summit along Lookout Trail

I have elevated my matchy matchiness to a whole new level.
The polish shade is called "High Frequency".
I like how it matches my snow pants!

After an extended lunch time visit, we geared up and took off, first to sign the guest book and then through the snow to the view point.  Lady Osprey, Nikita, Agent-X and Short Stop all took time to feel the moment.  The view they are viewing doesn't get any better than this...

...and this is that view!

a perfect tree

The descent to the intersection was quick.  
We took a few moments to gear down and enjoy another kind of view.  

Feeling the need for just a bit more work, we worked our way into the campground checking out campsites.  I spotted one that had potential for a summer time stay and went in for a closer view.  This mid afternoon snow was heavy and made for harder work than I expected.  Thirty minutes of this was enough so we made an escape back to the trail.

It was time to head home!  

I'm happy to have been able to share the day with my four fun friends.  I would say our mission was accomplished.  We share a passion for living life, we have a love for being in the mountains and we all are able to laugh at even the smallest of things.  Live! Love! Laugh!  Yup, that's what it's all about!


  1. When I read your post title, I interpreted the abandoned fire lookout at Mount Kidd and thought of the brutal climb to the top of the ridge. The active Fire Lookout over Kananaskis Lakes is not a snowshoe I have done so thanks for adding another trip to the roster. Looking forward to it. Your pictures are excellent and the supporting GPS data provides outstanding trip information. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never seen the views in the winter. Great pictures. Could you recommend a good beginner back country ski destination?

    1. Hi Ken,

      I know nothing about back country skiing. I would recommend you contact the Kananaskis Visitor Center for information on that.


    2. Okay, thanks. For a great xc ski event have a look at the Canadian Birkebiener website

  3. Wonderful day! Fabulous photography! Love your 'shadow' friends. Everything was so pristine!!!


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