Saturday, November 9, 2013

Open to Change

My friend and I quickly jumped on board when at the very last second an option landed a mere three feet from the truck of my car.  No discussion was needed, we both opted in immediately!  We were open to change.  Thank you for appearing like almost out of the blue, where you did and when you did!  

After gearing up at the Dawson Day Use Area for our trip up Cox Hill, I eyed the sky and when seeing the cloud formations, I took that as a sign we would have spectacular scenery today.  The main bridge to cross the creek at the start of the hike was ripped away by the June flood but a makeshift bridge was in place further down stream which allowed for an easy and dry crossing and then we got on with our day.   
The snow depth increased the higher we reached and the deeper into the woods we went.  At times it reached thigh deep but lucky for us it was partially already broken from days previous.  We took turns rebreaking the trail where needed.  I wondered what the slope to the summit would be like and once the views of that began, I paid close attention.  The first portion of the main switchback was very doable, trail condition-wise, but the wind was wild.  

We traversed to the end and then the snow became deep.  While assessing, I began to feel the effects of the windchill which felt extremely high.  (Lesson learned, it is time to place heaviest double layer mittens in outer pack pocket for easy accessibility.)  
The decision was made and we were open to change.  There would be no reaching the summit of Cox Hill for us to day.  In favour for staying safe and warm, we made our way back to a sunny open hill where there were areas to take shelter.  

I prefered the open area with the view to have my lunch.
I bundled up in my layers and settled down.
I savoured the view and my bar-b-qued beef wrap.
This is my destination shot of the day with Moose Mountain as the backdrop.
I knew right from the start the views would be spectacular and this proves the point!
While it is disappointing when you cannot reach your physical goal of the day, that never deters me from reaaching my mental goal of the day which is to always have fun and to "remember to breathe!"  
The later afternoon sun peaks through the trees creating a glow and shadows.
With lives happenings over the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded to embrace each day!

Where are you Mike?

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  1. A wonderful start to your winter hiking. Hard to believe with the sun shining as it is, that it could be sooo.. cold.
    Your Rememberance Day photo makes a very strong statement.


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