Saturday, October 26, 2013

Do Over Day!

For a couple of years now, I have wondered what was underneath all that snow at Twin Lakes in Banff National Park.  It was time to squash that wondering and lay it to rest.  I expected there to be snow here and there and possibly some deep pockets of the stuff after a call with Parks Canada but was still game to go to see what I could see.   Pockets of snow did not pan out but there was some here and there that was not even ankle deep but more like half way up the sole of your boot deep. 

Today's view as we exited the forest into the meadow.  
March 2011 view of the meadow.
What a day weather-wise!  
It was warm, sunny, no wind!  
The creek was only ice covered in a very few small tiny sections on our way to Lower Twin Lake.
We spent quite a bit of time ascending through the forest.  We crossed six bridges there which I had no idea existed, well except one.  On that day in March 2011 there was so much snow the bridges were totally covered.  This was the seventh bridge we crossed today.  We followed the right side of the creek and crossed over to head towards Lower Twin Lake.
I expected Lower Twin Lake to be at least frozen over and I had hoped it not to be snow covered.  What a surprise to arrive finding no ice.  
We found a sunny open spot and enjoyed an extended lunch break.  
After lunch we played on the rocks in the water where the creek leads into the Lower Twin Lake.
This is my reflecting destination shot of the day.
March 2011 destination shot.
I am standing on the Lower Twin Lake.

A late October beautiful autumn day!
After our dining and play time, we ascended to Upper Twin Lake.  While they are twins, they did not appear so today.  The Upper Twin which is at the campground, was frozen over.  The elevation was just enough more for it to freeze.  We checked out both sides of the Lake.  This is the view from the campground side.
looking over at the campground side

We took a small short cut down from Upper Twin Lake then crossed over the creek to begin our return trip.  We followed the open creek for awhile instead of on the trail we came in on.  The sound was soothing and such pretty scenes.  Where the creek began to widen, we crossed back over and hit the trail that would take us back into the forest.
It was time to leave the beauty behind and head home!
When we arrived back to the forest, we made quick time descending the kilometers back to the trail head.  Castle Mountain was a welcoming sight.  The lighting at late afternoon was ideal.  We lingered a little while enjoying treats that others brought along.  Then it was time to pack up and hit the highway.
So now you know too what was under all that snow.  Today's do over paid off and it was a more spendid day than I had anticipated.  I made sure to thoroughly embrace today!  Tomorrow will be another season with a winter storm approaching our city.  


  1. I had checked out the web cams before reading blogs this morning so I know you were very fortunate to see what is below the snow! Sulphur Mountain is a winter wonderland.
    So glad for your perfect day and perfect photography.
    Our walk this week was in excessive heat and our views drought stricken.

    1. There was a 30 degree difference in temperature from Sat to Sun. Saturday was truly a gift!


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