Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thoughts & Reflection

After yesterday's Pigeon Mountain hike, I parted ways with my friends as they headed east and I drove west to Banff to spend the night.  It was a treat to myself, a chance to escape, to reflect on another reason Thanksgiving time is close to my heart and to be in the mountains for a sunrise.  

I arrived at the spot I had in mind to watch the sun rise.  One person was already there. We exchanged pleasantries.  I eyed his equipment and then looked at mine.  I will never be where he is.  We chatted again and after a few little thoughts he shared, I had to know who he was. Blatantly, I asked him who he was.  He's Chris!

We got down to business and this is my work!  
I am proud of my photos.

It was a cold morning.  
It was fresh and crisp and beautiful.  
I thought of my Mom and her warmth. 
It's been seven years now but sometimes it feels like it was yesterday.  
Mom, you are always near forever dear!


  1. And so you should be! Such a gentle awakening to the day - so peaceful! Were you in the Vermilion Lakes area?

    1. Yes Helen, these photos were taken at Vermilion Lakes.


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