Saturday, June 1, 2013

SHOW OFF Kind of Day

Just imagine my surprise today when I joined up with some new folks to hike up to the Bull Creek Hills and found out that not a single one of them had ever been before.  I realized I would have the opportunity to show off one of my favourite stomping grounds.  This was to be my fifth time venturing into this area with each previous time covering different combinations of trails.  My hopes for today were to add yet another varied edition to that mix and with some promotion there was potential for that to happen.

One thing I did learn today is that I really need to practice with my SX40HS on cloudy, overcast days.  I have no bright scenery photos to show off today.   I half expected there to be snowy conditions to contend with, considering last Sunday's experience, but no battling this time, thank goodness.  (Note: click on any photo to enlarge it.)
The prairie crocus was in abundance.  
While many lived their day, lots of others were in their prime show off stage.
There is always lots to love about being "out & about", you just have to look for it and be open to it.
We eyed the summit of the highest of the Bull Creek Hills off in the distance.  We took a poll of how many wanted to go for it and all were in favour.  In no time at all, we stood on it!  It was an ideal location to dine, no wind and we had wonderful scenery.  But. before I joined the others to dine, I took care of obtaining my summit shot. Here I am, at the summit!  Am I a show off?  Admittedly yes!
When I saw another friend make a snow angel, I wanted to make one too!
This was about as much snow as we had to contend with today.
The patch was barely big enough.
Promotion time!  In the four times previously here, I wasn't able to include a combination of reaching both the true summit of Bull Creek Hills at one end and The Boundary Pine at the other end.  I shared some information about The Boundary Pine and the book The Buffalo Head.  While it is just a tree, it is famous and has history and I enjoy visiting it.  I tried to capture a photo of it that is similar to the photo shown in the link above.
I was thankful for the opportunity to show off The Boundary Pine to the others today.  
Once I showed my love for the tree, a few more did the same.  
Thank you to my new friend for snapping this photo.     
photo credit to Jean C
My last photo of the day as we wound our way down the last stretch.
While the promise of sunshine never did come to fruition, it is always a bright and cheerful time being with fun folks playing out in the mountains.  Today was an accomplishment being the first time reaching the highest point of the Bull Creek Hills and visiting The Boundary Pine all in the same day.  It is days like this that make me feel like I am "on top of the world"! 


  1. Such a coincidence that you also have kind of problems with the cloudy sky. We were enjoying our cloudy Saturday in the Bow Valley (Bow Falls, Forget me not Pond). All the pictures I took were somehow pale and the beautiful green of the pond was dark. I also have to practice on my SX40HS.

    Do you use polarizers? I might buy some.

  2. Wonderful experience for International Trails Day!
    Love the images as well Andra. They show your enthusiasm & inspiration for all of it out there.

    1. Thank you DSD for the reminder that yesterday was International Trails Day. I hope trails all over the world were being enjoyed as much as I enjoyed my Canadian one.

  3. Alex, you passed by my blog.
    I'm sure you wanted to check my grey pictures...
    I know, I'm late with my blogpost about the yesterday's grey day.
    If you want an example of the pictures, here's the pond picture (in reality it has such a beautiful green colour)

    Exactly on the same pond I followed a duck. Here you can see the real green of it.

    1. Ute, your photos are very nice. I especially like how the green of the duck's eye shows up. I know how beautiful that Pond can look, we just need a little sunshine to help it show. But you did capture a reflection and oh how I love reflections. I posted a comment on one of your stories from your trip.

    2. Thanks for the compliment :0)
      I'm still practicing.
      I love that duck picture too. I'm just posting my pictures in my blog. You can then check in a few minutes (I have more photos of the same duck).

  4. Good memories here. Thanks for sharing your day on Bull Creek Hills with a visit to Boundary Pine. It is good to know there is a place with minimal snow in this post long winter extended spring. On the plus side, there will be some outstanding waterfall opportunities coming up. Excellent photos. I am looking forward to adding a few hikes in Kananaskis Highwood to the portfolio this summer and fall.


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